Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Pyranees

So, it's been a while since our last entry, but we have been busy travelling throughout France. We rented a car with 10 other students and headed for the Pyranees. Getting out of BCN was something similar to National Lampoon's Eurpean Vacation. After a few minutes trying to get out of the parking lot it was questionable as the whether or not we would even make it to France. The other interesting thing about renting cars in Spain is that you don't have to return it with a full tank, which means that not only were we driving in circles, our E light was on within minutes of getting the car!! We were quite relieved to find a gas station and the autoroute and made it to the Pyranees just south of Andorra in good time once we got out of BCN. Of course in McWicz style, we headed out to bag a peak the next morning. We went to a place up from a village called Lles which I absolutely fell in love with and summitted a near 3000 m peak on the Espana/Andorra boarder. Here's a few pics of the place we went hiking. That pillar in our summit shot is the boarder marker.

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