Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Le Corbusier - Firminy, France

Probably the best thing we did in the Lyon area was visit the town of Firminy where there is the highest concentration of Corbusier buildings in the world. We first visited the Unite d'habitation which is an appartment complex. Then we saw the stadium and community centre.

They have only recently finished the church, which was truley incredible. When Corbo died only the foundation of the church had been poured. After much discussion whether or not to finish the church it was restarted and completed only a few days before we got there.

It was a veryinteresting little town where everyone is a huge Corbo fan. We didn't have anything organised when we got there, but people were so excited to talk about it that we even met the currator of the community centre and spoke to him at lenght about the buildings. The architects were in heaven and I thought the buildings were pretty neat too. They look like a bit of a concrete jungle but once I got right up to them I saw how much thought went into the design.

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