Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back to the Coast

We headed back to the Mediterranean to get some sun and a head start on the long drive back to BCN. Cheif navigator, Leisia got us safely to our hostel in Marseille and when we woke up the next morning we decided to make the most of our sunny day and went sea kayaking.
It was pretty beautiful as you can tell. Since the architects were pretty anxious to see some more buildings we also went to the original Unite d'Habitation by Corbusier before we started our drive through the night back to BCN.

Now we're just getting settled into our routine here. I mostly drink wine and D is trying to catch up on some school after the week in France. D's mom, Angela, is also here so we are eating well!



Nancy Jean said...

Andi Mc - glad you are into the blogging world. i will check regularly. i am very jealous that you are en España...if you want some advice on where to go along the Costa del Sol, let me know! Estas aprendiendo Español, guapa? Saludes a tu marido. Cuidate! :) Love Ninnygoat

Andi and Demi said...

Si, ninnygoat, estudio espana, pero no comprendo mucho. It will come though. I study four times a week so that's pretty good. I'll try and get some more photos for you regular bloggers! andiroo