Monday, January 08, 2007

Heading Home

Hi Everyone,

D and I are on the last leg of our trip, well actually D got to go home on an earlier flight yesterday and I am just living large in a hotel in Dallas, Texas. Everything really is large here. I have two giant TV's in my room, a king sized bed, and a huge bathroom and this is just the budget hotel for a person on the "Distressed Passenger Rate" (it's sweet if you can pull it off). We spent the previous night in the Gatwick airport, which was actually okay using a handy tip from We hit up the chapel and got some shut eye. We even turned off the light for a while, but some airport employees who also use the area for napping on their breaks came and told us it had to be on. Anyway, my big beef was not the light, but actually someone that came in around 2am and snored the entire night. I couldn't believe that they didn't wake themselves up with the noise. D and I are getting quite good at living in airports....maybe I'll start a website. We even washed our hair in the bathroom in the morning!

See ya north of the 49th!

ps - we found this doll in Granada, Spain. Nice, eh?

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