Wednesday, January 10, 2007

black velvet..if you please

Yikes! I've been home for about 72 hours and Calgary and the rest of western Canada has been hit hard with winter and all the fun things that go along with it like; -30, a freezing cold wind from the NW, and snow blowing across the prairie faster than it's falling from the sky. Anyway, I tried to warm up by going for a pint. Since I was recently in Ireland I ordered a "Crown Float" , which for those of you who don't know it's a cider topped with a Guinness crown. I must say that it was an utter failure in Ireland (but really who would ruin a Guinness in Ireland?) and at Ceili's Pub in Calgary this evening. So, in my efforts to find out why it was so hard to get a good crown float, I thought I'd ask all knowing Google. To my surprise it the first hit was and article from the U of C campus newspaper the Gauntlet. Here's the link to my beloved drink! and a recipe for those that want to try it at home or give a bar tender a rundown of the spoon technique!!


Andrew said...

Yo! Welcome Home!
Ski season has been severly underrated. Perhaps the best yet.!

Les said...

Sweet climbing pics! Enjoy a crown float or several for me will you?! I'm not sure I could afford what one would cost over here. Besides, it wouldnt be the same without a plate of wings anyways.

Julie said...

Stu and I will come to the Calg sometime and you can introduce us once and for all to the glories of the crown float! :) By the way, what about the promise of frequent posting - keep it coming girlfriend!
Miss you and hope you've settled back into work well - have you been skiing? Hope that Barcelona is not too distant a memory!
julie :)