Monday, November 13, 2006

Le fin de semana pasado

Hola, Well the weekend was the best of times and the worst of times. I spent Saturday climbing at a place just south of Barcelona called Garraf. The climbing wall was right on the water and was just a beautiful place to hang out and relax for the day as well as get some great climbs in. It was an interesting place because as you can see in the picture there is a nice flat gravel that we are standing on. Well, that is actually a canopy over the train line which runs along the sea. The train was suprisingly quiet as it rumbled by every half hour or so. We stayed until we basically ran out of light, which happens here at about 5:30. Here is a nice picture of James rappelling in the sunset! (Yes, Carol, he got down alive!!)
Our next adventure of the weekend happened shortly after the climbing trip. I was feeling a little quesy; however, I wasn't sure if it was my crazy spanish friends driving or something else....and it was something else. I made it home and found out Demitri had been sick with some bug all day as well. It was a pretty rough night with both of us sick with the flu. There has been something going around and almost half the arch. class has been sick so far. Anyway, after a long sleep we felt much better and visited Casa Mila, an apartment by Gaudi, in the afternoon. It was neat and it would be very liveable today even though it was built around 1910. There was lots of light in all the rooms, which is very different than most places I have been in here (especially our place, which has no natural light). The roof was is a chimney with a water holding tank in the background. I really liked the balconies, which are made out of recycled iron. Adios, Andi

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